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At last - its the no-nonsense horse feed that can REALLY make a difference ..........over 95% of our feed is sold through recommendation by our customers, their vets and farriers/trimmers - not advertising or sales reps.

Case study below:  Rosie is a 5 year old Swedish Warmblood mare.  Photos show a front hoof and a back hoof - before Thunderbrook feeds and equine podiatry (Aug 2010) and 4 months after (Dec 2010).  Photos and equine podiatry courtesy of Beccy Smith, Holistic Equine.

You can read more about how our feeds have nutritionally supported horses with metabolic syndrome, laminitis, cushings, inflammatory conditions, poor hoof quality, etc in our case studies and testamonials here

Looking Good On Thunderbrook Equine Pure Essentials

Both Henry (left) and Azi (right) are on Thunderbrook feeds.


Henry's owner writes "Henry had a vaccination and wormer which I believe triggered off a massive laminitic attack back in December 2010.  Henry had many weeks of box rest - he kept going footy and we found out that he was insulin resistant and had an insulin level of over 300 despite taking 24 tablets of Metformin daily.  After 2 weeks of using the Thunderbrook Base Mix, Gut Balancer and Gut Restore his insulin level dropped to 16 the first month, 12 the second month and this month (April 2011) his insulin level is down to 7 which is now low.  My vet has reduced the medication and we have reduced every month to finally get him off the tablets completely.
I can't believe the difference in his coat, mane and his energy levels - he is much less fizzy too.  I would love for you to put Henry as a case study on your website as another success story!  Thanks again for all your help - both Henry and I really appreciate it".
 Photo courtesy of Horseplay Photography

Princess before Thunderbrook feeds.

Princess after 6 weeks on Thunderbrook feeds

 Princess's owner writes "I rescued this 11 years old thoroughbred mare ten weeks ago and it was difficult to get weight on her.  She has been on your Base Mix and Gut Restore for the last 6 weeks and I cannot believe what a difference it has made to her.  She suddenly started looking amazing.  We have put over 2 stone on her in 9 weeks, she was at least 4 stone underweight - so still a way to go yet.  Please feel free to use these photos as an example of what brilliant food you supply.  Thank you!"


Equine Pure Essentials is a revolutionary new feeding system designed to achieve and maintain optimum health in Competition, Racing, Show, Leisure Horses and Youngstock, and nutritionally support those horses whose health has been compromised by laminitis, cushings, other metabolic syndromes and inflammatory diseases.  Using the latest scientific research, our Base Mix has been formulated to feed your horse's cellular biochemistry with ingredients you can trust to drive a clean, efficient, anti-inflammatory and healthy metabolism. Amazing results everytime!   Find out what our unique feeds can do to benefit your horse.  No waste by-products, fillers, binders, pelleting agents, preservatives, synthetic micronutrients.  Just Pure Essentials.  Equine Pure Essentials Feeding System 

What's in your horse's feed?

Ever wondered how that bag of horse feed can be cheaper than a bag of wood shavings?  Learn about the ingredients in horse feeds and why Equine Pure Essentials feeds and supplements are so radically different

Most processed horse feeds in the UK are sold in colourful bags with lots of fancy marketing blurb on the front.  But can you find and have you read the ingredients label?  Check out our free information guide to some ingredients of processed horse feeds, and why Equine Pure Essentials avoids them.  Then check out our ingredients and our open policy of telling you what's in the bag and why it is beneficial.  We don't 'hide' our ingredients label - we are proud of our feed content!


Ingredients of processed horse feeds - we hope you are sitting comfortably! 


Need help understanding how to balance your horse's diet?  Confused with all of the different feeds, concentrates and supplements to choose from?  Let our friendly Biochemist/Nutritionist help you out with a personal visit or telephone consultation.  Educational talks for veterinary groups, riding clubs, etc also provided.  Phone or email for more details.

How can a feed of this quality be so affordable?

Our priority is your horse's health.  We work with fewer overheads and pass on the saving to you, so that as many owners as possible can benefit from feeding Equine Pure Essentials.  One sack of our concentrated feed goes much further than traditional fibre-based feeds, saving you money, transport and storage of lots of bags.

About us

This feed was developed for Harlequin. 

Equine Pure Essentials was researched, formulated and tested by Dr Deborah Carley, a medical research Biochemist and Nutritionist for her husband's horse Harlequin.  Read the story about Harlequin's metabolic syndrome, why we developed this feed, how it changed the lives of Harlequin's stable mates too, and how you can benefit from our findings - even if your horse is fit and healthy now - keep him or her that way!

Harlequin's story - how it all came about


ps - the chestnut mare in our banner above is the Welsh Sec D mare, Buckswood My Fair Lady, photographed winning the Area Veteran Championships at 22 years of age!  And yes, she is fed Equine Pure Essentials Base Mix, Mature Organic Oats and 'Herbs That Horses Seek'!

Environmental management tips for a healthy horse

Laminitis?  Azoturia?  Metabolic Syndrome?  COPD?  Itchy horse?  These are all inflammatory diseases.  Here's something to think about........

Keeping your horse healthy is not just about the hard feed or the supplements you give him.  Exercise, hay, haylage, grass pasture, drinking water, medications, sprays and creams, and his local environment all play an important role in maintaining a healthy horse. Backed up with the latest in scientific research,  here are some Environmental Management Tips for a healthy horse.

Many pesticides, herbicides, food additives and chemical nutritional supplements have been found in laboratory experiments to be 'xenoestrogens', ie hormone mimics that disrupt metabolism.  With growing concern in the research community, the USA government launched the ENDOCRINE DISRUPTOR SCREENING PROGRAMME to begin testing many of these chemicals, to find out more about their potential metabolism altering properties.  You can find out more about these endocrine disruptors and the latest research publications at



You can find out more about pesticides and their actions at:

Find out what's on your food at:

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