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Our focus is your horse's well-being and good health.  Our feeds are formulated using the latest scientific research to nutritionally support anti-inflammatory metabolism.  In doing so, we utilise optimum quality ingredients, which are carefully sourced, minimally processed and without artifical additives.  Our feeds are not formulated using the cheapest fillers and waste byproduct ingredients such as wheatfeed and oatfeed or 'nutritionally improved' (chemically treated) straw.  These would provide us with a bigger profit margin, but that's not what we at Thunderbrook Equestrian are about.......


Harlequin's story - Our Beginnings


Its not just about the hard feed.  Healthy horses require a healthy overall environment

Find out more about how your horse's hay, haylage, grass pasture, water, and local environment can affect your horse's health by reading our Environment Management Tips.


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Wholesome feeds and a healthy environment for a healthy horse