Freshly Milled Stoneground Organic Wheat Bran 20kg - £20. (Also available as traditional stoneground organic broad bran 10kg - £12.50, and 25kg - £27)

So you think wheat bran has very little nutritive value and is mainly used as a laxative rather than a food source?  Think again!  Here's some facts.  Freshly milled stoneground organic wheat bran has:

  • higher total antioxidant capacity than many berries, fruits and vegetables (including some 'super foods' such as blueberries, raspberries, plums, etc).  It has an ORAC rating (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity!) of 80, compared to 62 for blueberries.  Antioxidants are very important in 'mopping up' free radical damage during times of stress, disease and injury.
  • more protein than sugar beet and about the same as alfalfa (15.6% crude protein compared to 10.0% sugar beet pulp, 14 to 16% alfalfa)
  • similar levels of digestible energy to both sugar beet and alfalfa (10.8MJ/kg compared to 11.0 for sugar beet and 10.0 for alfalfa)
  • only 0.4% sugar (non-molassed sugar beet can contain up to 7% residual sugar in the pulp, molassed can contain up to 25% or more)
  • starch and sugar contents are low, and fibre content is high, making it a suitable feed for horses with metabolic problems such as insulin resistance, should the owner wish to 'bulk' the hard feed out.

Traditional horsemen may not have realised the scientifically proven antioxidant levels of fresh wheat bran, but they knew that it was a good feed for horses, both as a regular addition to the hard feed, and in times of stress or ill-health.  When using bran, feed a small amount regularly so that the bacteria in the hindgut are adapted to using it as a food source.  Then at stressful times you can add a little more and feed as a warm bran mash.  If you feed it as a one-off mash, it will most likely act as a laxative because the bacteria are not adapted to bran as a foodsource and will cause more rapid expulsion of the gut contents.  When feeding small amounts of bran, the calcium levels in the Pure Essentials Base Mix will balance the higher phosphorus levels of bran.  If you live in a hard water (limescale) area too, this will also provide additional calcium to your horse's diet to balance the phosphorus in bran.  When feeding higher levels (more than half kilo per day), a calcium supplement such as limestone flour should be added by the teaspoonful, or you can use our Gut-Balancer (Mineral Balancer) to ensure correct levels of minerals. 


Ingredients: Freshly milled certified organic wheat bran - human food grade.


Our organic wheat bran is FRESHLY MILLED every two to three weeks by fully accredited organic windmills and watermills, with a long shelf life of 6 months.  It is human food grade quality.  Good old fashioned stone milling to produce fresh flakes with less oxidisation of the essential oils contained in the bran (ie bran will go rancid with age), retaining more of the natural high levels of antioxidants.   And of course, there's no pesticide or herbicide residues in the bran.  Modern milling of wheat is a totally different process (think of all the millions of loaves on the supermarket shelves - traditional cold stone milling cannot produce such quantities of flour).  Modern processing involves high speed steel cutters working at higher temperatures and pressure.  This produces a bran where many of the antioxidants and fresh oils have been oxidised.




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