Meadow Nuts – 20kg

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A complementary forage feed for horses.

The meadows which these nuts are produced from, consist primarily of traditional meadow grasses, including; Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cocksfoot, Golden Foxtail, Golden Oatgrass, Meadow Fescue, Red Fescue, Smooth Common Meadowgrass and Timothy.


No modern Hybrid Ryegrasses have been sown in these meadows.
No chemical fertilisers are used on any grassland on the farm and the Meadow Nuts are tested pesticide and herbicide free.

The meadows are allowed to grow to a mature stage (for lower sugar, higher fibre content) and unlike most grass production farms where the grass is cut continuously throughout the growing season, the meadows are cut only once or twice per year.


Why feed Meadow Nuts?

  • Low sugar and starch
  • Quick soaking 8mm nuts
  • Suitable for horses prone to laminitis
  • A good source of quality high fibre
  • Naturally grown without chemical treatment


100% dried Meadow Grasses and herbage.


2017/18 Harvest.Tested 04/10/2017

Ash 13.6, Crude Protein 10.5%, Crude Oil 0.1%, Crude Fibre 31.5%, DE 8.55 MJ/kg, magnesium 0.18%, Phosphorus 0.27%, Sugar 9%, Starch 1%
Meadow Nuts are a natural product, cut from in excess of 1000 acres. There will be slight variations in the analyses due to time of cut, weather, location of field, etc.

Meadow Nuts may be fed dry.
Alternatively soak in water to make a palatable mash. When soaking, ensure the mash is free from any hard lumps before feeding.
As with any dry feed, be aware that animals that bolt their feed may be at risk of choke. For these animals, soaking thoroughly to make a mash is recommended.

Light work
Pony up to 300kg
400g per day
Horse up to 500kg
500g per day
Horse up to 700kg
800g per day


Medium to hard work
Pony up to 300kg
1.5 to 3kg per day
Horse up to 500kg
2.5 to 5kg per day
Horse up to 700kg
3.5 to 7kg per day

Also suitable for donkeys, sheep, goats, cattle, guinea pigs, rabbits and alpaca.


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11 reviews for Meadow Nuts – 20kg

  1. Aimee

    Great product! Both my horses love them including my fussy one!! Big thumbs up!!

    • thunderbrook

      Thats Great

  2. S M

    Started using them instead of Speedy Beet. I soak the nuts to make a pulp so I can mix in the base mix and some Muesli along with Pumpkin Seeds and sunflower kernels. This is for a 23year old TB, ex-racehorse (rescue but now perfetly healthy) and he loves it and has been on Thunderbrook for almost 3 years now. The change in his hooves is very clearly attributed to Thunderbrook feed, he’s been barefoot for 6 years now and we still go out riding or walking together. Thunderbook feed has balanced much of his digestive issues back in the days when he ‘landed’ on my doorstep.

  3. Erica

    These meadow grass nuts are fabulous! Thank you so much for taking the time to source native grassland & make the nuts. My three love them & I am able to feed them a good satisfying amount twice a day without them putting on weight. Whilst knowing they are naturally nutritious & safe. Also great to mix any top up supplements into.

  4. Dilys Hartland (verified owner)

    I have a 25-year-old who loses weight as a pastime during winter. I soak meadow nuts for a mash for her. She loves them, licks the bucket dry and everyone is commenting on how good she looks. I also use a small amount for my laminitic to keep condition on him. A very good product that I love using.

  5. Janet

    My mare is really liking the meadow nuts, which I soak, not been able to find a product to soak which is suited to the barefoot horse until now. I also put some I soaked nuts in her treat ball along with her veg.

  6. Charlotte moore

    Could I please ask if these will be ok for a cushings pony? Thank you

  7. Paula

    My friend bought a bag of these today & gave me some. My horse loves them & in preference to his normal ones!!! Off out to my local supplier tomorrow !!

  8. Amanda Sawyer (verified owner)

    Both my horses love these nuts. One is on a lot of medication for his EMS & it’s easily hidden once the nuts have been soaked. The medication is very easily & eaqually distributed. 5* from both my boys!

  9. Sue Ajax-Lewis

    My 33-year-old PBA struggles with chewing hay now, in spite of six-monthly dental appointments. Winter is a particular challenge with not much grass about as it has to be a certain length to enable him to graze.

    I put him on Meadow Nuts and it has made such a difference for him.
    He has a big bucket of warm mash for lunch to make up for not much grass in the field. He doesn’t realise that it takes time for the nuts to soak down (even made with warm water) and stands at the gate complaining bitterly about being kept waiting.
    He then has another big bucket of warm mash in his box overnight as a hay replacer.
    He absolutely loves them.

    What I particularly like about them is that they come from natural meadows containing lots of different types of grasses, some of which I had never heard of, and with no chemical fertilisers or spraying; just like he would find in the wild.
    Another advantage is that because the nuts take up about five times their weight in water, the mash helps with hydration, especially in the winter when it might be uncomfortable for the dentally challenged with sensitive teeth to stick their noses into cold water!

    Interestingly before I discovered Meadow Nuts, he used to turn his nose up at hay replacers.

    I am very happy to have found something so completely natural that he enjoys and
    that he can have ad lib because he loves his food and it helps with keeping the weight on
    my gallant old boy in the winter. For his age, he looks terrific.
    Thank you Thunderbrook.

  10. Charlotte Homan

    I find different batches result in varying soak times, but when it’s a good sack these soak in 5 to 10 minutes and provide an extra source of fibre for my horse who suffers with faecal water syndrome.

  11. Amy George

    Ive tried all the grass nuts on the market and me and Smarty both agree these are the best! They expand to 5x their size when soaked and don’t turn to total mush, they still have visible fibres and small great. My horse competes 2* eventing barefoot so needs a low sugar and starch diet and these are perfect!

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