On Monday, November 1st 2021, we have put our prices up.



This is our first price raise in over 2 years.


As background, the markets are currently incredibly volatile – some of which you will no doubt have heard about in the news;
Below is a summary of where we have incurred increased costs over the past 6 months:


    • The cost of container transport is now $20,000 + ( up from $3,000 ) with reports that they are also limiting contents to max 12000 kg (Our buyer foresees issues related to containers lasting for the next two years).


    • The cost of this increase comes to £1.20 per kg which for high value ingredients such as vitamins is less impactful than for many other materials such as amino acids, trace elements, herbs and botanicals etc. with single figure per kg prices.

    • The price of Linseed has increased dramatically this year, mainly due very little of it being imported from the EU because of Brexit.


    • Lysine availability is problematic due to late ordering and shipments as the market expected a price reduction. However, the price has increased by above £500/t with little spare material.


    • We are still experiencing delays at ports through Customs entry and a shortage of drivers.

    • Non-ingredient costs have risen – the cost of packaging and pallets have increased. Several of our packaging suppliers have put there prices up by 20% or more.


    • Fuel rates have been increased to us by our hauliers by over 8%. We have also incurred many other Brexit related increases in operational costs.


    • Finally, the cost of bringing full artic loads in from the UK has increased by 80%, which equates to an increase in transport costs of almost £1 per bag of feed imported.


We hope this summary gives you a better understanding of why we have had to reluctantly put our prices up.



Kind Regards
Dr. Deborah Carley – MD & Founder Thunderbrook Equestrian Ltd.


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