Into the Winter – Feeding and Nutrition for the Colder Months

Posted On : 1st October 2015


As the nights begin to draw in and the temperature drops, you are probably turning your thoughts to what extra bags of feed can you buy to keep your horse in good condition throughout the cold winter. Well stop right there and save your hard earned money! Did you know, it’s not the few bags […]



Posted On : 14th September 2015

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Today, as horse owners our mind boggles with so many feeds, clever marketing, complicated supplements, juggling contradicting expert advice, spending fortunes on jars of this and that, scientific research papers, feed extra metabolic cofactors, balancing minerals, cutting out sugar till our horses are virtually eating cardboard and still they fall sick. Fructose is the culprit. […]


Why does my horse eat horse poo?

Posted On : 17th May 2015

why does your horse

We often have enquiries from anxious owners asking why their horse has suddenly been seen eating horse droppings. Their immediate reaction is to question if something is lacking in their horse’s diet. Well it possibly could be, but it’s probably not what you think it is! The first question most owners ask is if their […]


Dare to be Different!

Posted On : 28th January 2015


Due to a very successful talk given by Dr. Debbie Carley, founder of Thunderbrook yesterday, we have been inundated with enquiries as to why we are different from other feed companies, and what led to the formation of Thunderbrook Equestrian, and why did Dr.Debbie Carley gave up a very high powered job ( working as […]


This winter – to rug or not to rug?

Posted On : 27th January 2015


Did you know that the only 2 mammals capable of running for sustained distances are horses and human beings, as we are the only mammals that use sweat glands as the main way to regulate our body temperature. When you cover a horse with heavyweight duvet style rugs, you compromise his ability to regulate his […]


Can you feed your horse carrots?

Posted On : 21st January 2015


Customers tell us they can’t feed their horses carrots because they are high in sugar. FACT: Raw carrots contain only 4.7% sugar and 1.4% starch. Carrots are 85% water! Compare that to average hay at 8 to 10% sugar, and non molassed sugar beet at 5 to 8% sugar. So why are carrots the bad […]


Spirulina is an amazing source of nutrients

Posted On : 18th January 2015

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Spirulina is an amazing source of nutrients. It is 60% protein, making it the world’s highest known source of protein. Raw meat is only 27% protein, and even soybeans are only 34% protein. The protein in Spirulina contains all eight essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Spirulina is the world’s highest known vegetable […]


Now this may be of interest to you and your horse!

Posted On : 9th January 2015

horse feed

Now this may be of interest to you and your horse! As a human, your gut contains over a thousand different species of bacteria, weighing over 2kg in total. It is called your gut microbiome. The balance of good and bad bacteria is crucial to how you digest food, make and absorb vitamins, your immune […]


What do you feed your horse?

Posted On : 7th January 2015

what to feed your horse

What do you feed your horse? Pony cubes? veteran mix? stud mix? show jumper mix? convalescent mix? cool mix? high fibre nuts? high fibre chaff? molasses free chaff? low cal mix? etc etc. But what is the difference? Have you ever looked at the ingredients label to see what you are ACTUALLY feeding your horse? […]


Effects of crop spraying on Equine Health

Posted On : 3rd January 2015

Passion flower (powdered herb) 1KG

Sometimes the greatest challenges in life teach us the greatest lessons, and losing some of my finest horses in life has taught me a lot. Here at Thunderbrook we have found metabolic changes correlate with exposure to certain chemicals in our horses environment. Not too hard when we are surrounded 360 degrees by arable farming […]