Here at Thunderbrook Equestrian, we are concerned about the impact genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are having on our natural world, and as a result, horses health. GMOs result in an increase in the use pesticides & herbicides in the growing and harvesting of crops.



Thunderbrook Equestrian is committed to:


1. Using only GMO free ingredients in our feeds.


2. Promoting the sale of Organic Feed and/or Non-GMO feed.


3. Continually educating our staff and customers on the dangers of GMOs and on their right to know what is in their horses feed.


4. To never use Soya, or any Soya based products in our feeds. In excess of 80% of the total soybean meal produced in the EU,

an ingredient in many horse feeds today, is estimated to be GM. (over 90% in the US)



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