1. We will always formulate our feeds using the latest scientific research to nutritionally support the health of your horse. In doing so, we will always utilise optimum quality ingredients, which are carefully sourced, minimally processed and without artificial additives.


2. When we include probiotics, prebiotics and herbs in our feeds, we include them in generous amounts that really do work. Not just a pinch to say it’s been included!


3. Our feeds and supplements are formulated by an expert biochemist and nutritionist with many years’ experience of horse husbandry, and tested on our own small herd of horses to ensure we bring you the best nutrition based on the latest research and practical hands-on knowledge.


4. We will never formulate our feeds using the cheapest fillers and waste by-product ingredients such as wheatfeed and oatfeed or ‘nutritionally improved’ (chemically treated) straw.


5. A healthy, happy horse requires more than just feed. We’re committed to helping you discover important equine health and nutrition facts so that you can make informed decisions.


6. We will never sell you a product or supplement that we don’t think will benefit your horse, we are driven by the ‘horse’ not by ‘profit’.

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