Silvetrasol – Hoof and Wound Wash 500ml



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Silvetrasol is the Ultimate Hoof and Wound Wash for Horses, Pets and Livestock.

The active ingredient in Silvetrasol kills microorganisms by two modes of action. Firstly the silver ions in Silvetrasol deactivates the structural and metabolic membrane proteins leading to microbial death. Secondly, the microbes view Silvetrasol as a food source allowing the silver ion to enter the microbe. Once inside the microbe, the silver ion denatures the DNA, which halts the microbes ability to replicate and leads to its imminent death. This stops the growth of microbes and helps control infection. This dual action makes Silvetrasol highly effective against a broad sprectrum of microbes.   Silvetrasol is non toxic, non caustic, colourless, odourless. It does not produce toxic fumes. While Silvetrasol is highly toxic to bacteria, fungus and virus, it is non toxic to humans and animals.

Highly effective in the treatment of thrush, white line disease, fungal infections, scratches, rain scald, and other hoof and skin infections.  Silvetrasol aids in the prevention of most infections, including MRSA.

For hoof infections liberally spray the area and stand for two minutes before turnout.

As a wound wash, liberally flush the wound with Silvetrasol, dress wound as per Vets instructions.

As a surface treatment and cleanser, (tools, brushes, etc), spray liberally with Silvetrasol and allow to dry.


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