Freshly Milled Certified Organic Oat Bran 12.5KG



Product Description

Our certified Organic Oat Bran is human food grade, and freshly milled for us on request.  Oat bran is exceptional in that it contains high levels of beta glucans.  Beta-glucan is a soluble dietary fibre present typically in oats.  The beta-glucan content in whole grain oats (such as our Certified Organic Oats) varies from 2% to 8% dry weight.  The beta-glucan content in our Certified Organic Oat Bran is usually between 6 to 10% of dry weight.
In humans, a lot of research has been carried out regarding the digestive properties of oat beta-glucans and it is known that consumption of beta-glucans from oats can contribute to the reduction of the blood glucose rise after a meal.  Studies show that oats have a lower glycemic index than other cereals in horses too.  Oat beta glucan is currently subject to a lot of research for its role in interacting with and boosting the immune system. If you feed Organic Oat Bran on a regular basis, remember to balance the calcium:phosphorus ration in the diet, by adding a teaspoon of limestone flour per 100g of oat bran fed.


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