Healthy Herbal Chaff 15 KG


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A very palatable late cut meadow grass, dried and chopped, with added herbs and a light coating of quality linseed oil.

Naturally high fibre and low sugar, yet still smells and tastes great!

No molasses! No preservatives!! No Soya!!!

No chemical processing with caustic soda to soften the chaff. No added waste by product fibre.

Thunderbrook’s Healthy Herbal Chaff is ideal for mixing with Base Mix or Daily Essentials to encourage your horse to chew and eat his feed more slowly.

Composition:  Dehydrated grass, linseed oil, chamomile flowers and leaves dried, lemon balm dried, mint leaves dried.

To make our Healthy Herbal Chaff, selected British meadow grasses are grown to a mature stage. The grass is cut only twice per year allowing it to become more stalky and hence more fiberous. No chemical fertilisers are used on the grassland.

Analysis: Healthy Herbal Chaff is a natural product. The British meadow grasses are cut from over 2000 acres and there will be variations in the analyses due to number of cuts per year, time of cut, weather, location of field, etc.

The Analyses shown are therefore ranges across various batches.

Crude Protein11%-13%
Crude Oil2.4%-2.5%
Crude Fibre25%-30%
Digestible Energy (DE)9.1 MJ/kg
Phosphorous0.26%Copper11.3 mg/kg
Magnesium0.16%Zinc63.5 mg/kg
Calcium0.83%Selenium1.12 mg/kg
Sodium0.26%Cobalt0.39 mg/kg
Potassium3.25%Iodine0.55 mg/kg
Chloride0.38%Manganese118 mg/kg
Iron498 mg/kg

100g – 500g per feed as required. Feed dampened down.

“I would like to thank Thunderbrook for supplying a lovely quality chaff that I can safely feed my old horse! To find a chaff that is cut long enough to actually encourage chewing, means I can now let my precious oldish mare have chaff for the first time in 4 years!”
Rachel Angel Stock- February 2014

“Incredibly!! Even my very fussy old mare eats it.”
Helen Jacks Hewitt – January 2014

“My Thunderbrook chaff has arrived. Fantastic super fast service! Smells and looks lovely. Clean feed bowl from Basil so fair to say he loves it.”
Helen Shinton – August 2013

Unlike many other chaffs, the grass used to make Healthy Herbal Chaff is only cut twice per year, at a mature stage when fibre levels are high, sugar and starch levels are lower.

No chemical fertilizers are used on the meadows, instead rotational crops are used such as legumes to add natural source nitrates to the soil.

This reduces the risk of high levels of nitrates in the chaff.