Superior quality certified organic meadow hay. This is a late cut hay, very high in fibre, low in sugar, and low in starch. Each batch will be tested to ensure it is under 10% combined sugar and starch. (Under 10% WSC which includes fructans)

Please see attached detailed nutritional analysis



This is no ordinary hay just cut and baled from the field. The grasses are cut and sun dried in the meadows. The hay is then collected and taken to large barns where it is further warm air dried, taking the moisture content well below 10%. This produces a very clean hay with little chance of mould and spore formation. The hay is then dust extracted and compressed very tightly into bales.


Each bale is tightly compressed and stacked 36 bales on a pallet. Each bale weighs approximately 25kg,  with a total pallet weight of approx 0.9 ton. The whole pallet is then covered by a weatherproof hood and ready for dispatch on a lorry.


  • No need to soak to reduce sugars
  • No need to soak to reduce dust and spores
  • No need to source hay and then pay for testing
  • Suitable for horses prone to laminitis


This hay will be available by direct order only as it is shipped out direct from our warehouse. Please note that it will be available as pallets of 36 only.

Double compressed bales, tied with nylon cord.

Thanks to its long fibre consistency (> 10 cm), this hay promotes the stimulation of chewing and rumination.


Each pallet of 36 bales will be £431.50 plus pallet delivery charge. Standard 3-day pallet delivery varies but averages approx £55 to £70 depending on your location. We apologise in advance that this hay is not cheap, but it is impossible to produce certified organic hay of this quality at the prices that you would pay locally for hay cut and baled off the field without warm air drying, compressing, testing, wrapping, hooding, delivery, etc etc.


Please telephone us on 01953 797050 to order, please do not order online.


Before ordering,  please read our CONDITIONS OF SALE below.


We recommend you try our hay by purchasing a trial pack before purchasing a full pallet, as we are unable to accept returns of full pallets due to non palatability.

Please phone the office on 01953 797050 to order a trial pack


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We process all orders received before 2pm on the same day. Orders received after 2pm will be processed on the next working day.

We send all orders on a ‘Standard Delivery’ so please allow 1 – 3 working days for your delivery to arrive.

Delivery costs are as follows

1kg – 5kg parcels – £4.99

5.1kg – 30kg – £6.99


Returns Policy

If you would like to return your purchase you may do so within fourteen days of delivery. Please ensure:

Your item is unopened and undamaged.

You remain responsible for the item until we receive it (we recommend sending your item ‘signed for’ or tracked).

You are liable for all return shipping costs unless we have sent you an incorrect or faulty item.

Organic meadow hay from mixed grasses


  • Moisture: 6.40%
  • Crude Fibre: 34.98%
  • Crude Protein: 7.07%
  • Crude Fat: 1.06%
  • Sugar: 5.53%
  • Starch: 1.86%


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1. Orders must be placed over the telephone and paid in advance by credit or debit card, prior to dispatch of any goods.   Our office will ask for your delivery postcode and add a delivery charge to the cost of the 48 bales of hay, as determined by the hauliers rates, and your location in the UK.  You MUST have access for a 7.5 ton delivery lorry at your premises.

2. Delivery will be by STANDARD 3 day service.   Please ensure you are available on the day of delivery.   If the driver cannot unload the pallet because there is no one to accept the load, the pallet will be returned to the local depot.   The hauliers charge an extra fee for missed deliveries, which we will ask you to pay before delivery is attempted again, so please ensure someone will be available for the lorry to unload.   After a number of failed deliveries, the pallet will be returned to us.  We reserve the right in these circumstances to refund you for the hay, but minus the extra delivery charges incurred.

3. The driver will leave the wrapped pallet on a concrete or other even surface adjacent to the lorry, or pull it to a safe place nearby if the ground permits with the pallet truck.   Please note that delivery does NOT include manually unloading the bales of hay from the lorry or pallet and stacking in a barn, etc by the driver.   A bespoke unloading and stacking service for the hay bales is NOT included in the price.
4. Please send an email to us once you have received the pallet, so that we know delivery has been successful.
5. The hay bales should arrive with you in good order, but if there is a small hole or tear in the wrapping plastic, this does not mean that the bales of hay are faulty.  A small hole in the wrapping plastic will not affect the quality of the hay product inside, as the hay is only wrapped for compression purposes.
6. As you will know, hay harvests can vary from cut to cut, batch, field, weather conditions, etc.   Our producers try to provide as consistent a product as possible, but hay is a natural product and especially when organic, will vary in appearance, texture, smell etc dependent on batch.   We cannot refund or accept returns of pallets of hay on the basis that is does not appear to be exactly the same as a previous batch you may have ordered.
7. Hay is a natural product and this certified organic hay is harvested from over 500 acres of organic farmland.   As is standard for any hay, including hay bales purchased from your local farmer, we cannot guarantee that every single bale will be free of the occasional small twig, stick, leaf, possible stone, pine cone, etc picked up at harvest.   Due to the quality control of this product, it is very unlikely you will find any such natural items in your hay, but we CANNOT refund, collect, dispose of, offer money off vouchers, or any other compensation, if you find a twig, or leaf etc in a bale of hay.   This is entirely natural to find occasionally in hay and does not constitute a faulty product.
8. We are unable to provide free samples of this hay.   Instead, we have 4.5Kg sample packs for sale on our online shop.
9. Please ensure your hay is stored in a cool, dry position out of direct sunlight and away from rodents.   The heavy duty plastic hood will offer some weather protection, but we cannot guarantee this to be storm proof if you are intending to store outdoors.   We cannot be held responsible for any incorrectly stored hay.
10. These conditions of sale do not affect your statutory rights.   As with all of our feeds, please check the bales of hay on delivery and we will of course refund, reimburse etc for any genuinely faulty product.

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