Why we’re different

Thunderbrook is the only feed company in the UK that all of the following apply to:

  1. We use NO waste by-products, no cheap alternative ingredients, no fillers, no binders, no pelleting agents, no preservatives or synthetic micronutrients.
  2. We include high levels of active ingredients. When we include probiotics, prebiotics and herbs for example, we include them in generous amounts that really do work. Not just a pinch to say it’s been included!
  3. We use ingredients that have undergone minimal processing to bring you active functional foods, with fewer toxic by-products. Wherever possible organic, or as close to organic, ingredients are used. For example, our organic seed oats and our organic wheat bran are soil association approved. Some of our ingredients are chosen for minimal pesticide and herbicide usage, but it would be financially prohibitive to include them as totally organic.
  4. Our feeds and supplements are formulated by an expert biochemist and nutritionist with many years’ experience of horse husbandry. We also use the services of some of the best analytical laboratories in the UK and we have access to the finest feed formulation software, enabling us to formulate feeds and supplements for custom and specialist needs.
  5. We partake in a continuing programme of research and feeding trials with the objective of producing a range of feeds and supplements to be sold on the quality of product. More than 90% of our new customers come to us via recommendations from existing customers or equine professionals, rather than purely through the efforts of a sales team.
  6. All our feeds and supplements are formulated to the best specification for their use, and up to the declared analysis, not the minimum permitted tolerances.
  7. We are a privately owned and totally independent company.
We don’t want to just sell you a bag of ‘ready made’ horse feed. We want you to understand what ingredients go into feed, what their actions are, and enable you to optimise your horse’s health and avoid problems.

On this website you can learn the basic principles of horse nutrition, get helpful tips from old horsemen, avoid common feeding ‘myths’, and find out about the latest nutritional and environmental research. Knowledge is a powerful tool – so take a look around and sign up to our newsletter for updates.

We are more than just a feed company; we advise on how best to manage your horse’s environment, and continue to do our own research into the effects of pesticides and GMO on horse’s health.