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Thunderbrook Equestrian is an equine feed and herbal supplement company whose feeds are formulated using the latest scientific research to nutritionally support your horse.

Good results speak for themselves and positive feedback & referrals from customers, barefoot trimmers, farriers, therapists and vets has been the driving force behind our growth since our formation in 2009.🐎

A huge thank you to all those who have recommended us to family, friends, clients and other horse owners.



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Who are Thunderbrook?

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How it started

Est. 2009

How it started

What led to Dr Carley founding Thunderbrook

Equine Feed & Balancers

Equine Feed & Balancers

When Quality Matters

When Quality Matters

Your horse's health is our priority

Organic Range

Organic Range

Why choose us?

  • We use no waste by-products
  • Active ingredients
  • Minimal processing
  • Formulated by an expert biochemist and nutritionist
Digestive Supplements

Digestive Supplements

Proud to supply over 800 stockists

Our feeds and supplements are available to order from over 800 feed stores throughout the UK and Ireland. Please note, the majority of our stockists have our feeds & supplements available on a pre-order basis, and may not hold all of our products in stock. Please call the store in advance to check stock levels and to find out when they can get in the items you require.

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Proud to supply over 800 stockists

My rescue cob Luna has been fed Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Chaff for 2 ½ years and her coat is in the most amazing condition now and her hair and feather quality has improved along with her hooves (she is in full work and barefoot). In the winter months she has also had soaked HayCobs for a little extra. Both feeds smell so amazing I could eat them myself 😂

- Charlotte Brownings -

Lucky my 6yr old cob has been fed your feed for over a year now mainly because he is a good doer and doesn’t require high calorie feeds and supplements but also because he suffers with Mallanders where he is food sensitive to alfalfa, soya, oat feed, biotin and molasses.
His weight is stable and he’s a super happy boy with a lovely coat.

- Odette Davis -

Trooper has been on Thunderbrook for year and half, following Dr Carley’s guidance. He loves his feed and treats and has really thrived on it. He’s in great condition and most importantly his CPL (Chronic Progressive Lymphedema) is now under control. In fact he’s in great health, for 16 years young 🤗

- Tracey Day -

I have fed my horse Cedric on your feed for the last 4 years and wouldn’t ever feed anything else! His coat is like glass, he always looks super well and I love the fact I know exactly what’s in it. He is fed your Condition & Compete , Healthy Herbal Muesli and Healthy Herbal Chaff

- Courtney Monks -

I have been using Thunderbrook feed for two years now and wouldn’t change. My horse went through upper respiratory tract surgery in October 2019 and I struggled for 6 months to keep any weight on him. He has and had various health issues over the years, but now at 18 he is looking and feeling great.

- Lisa Mason -

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