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Thunderbrook Equestrian is an equine feed and herbal supplement company, where your horse’s health is our priority. Our feeds are formulated using the latest scientific research to nutritionally support your horse.


We don’t want to just sell you a bag of ‘ready made’ horse feed. We want you to understand what ingredients go into feed, what their actions are, and enable you to optimise your horse’s health and avoid problems. We also advise on how best to manage your horse’s environment, and continue to do our own research into the effects of pesticides and GMO on horse’s health.


Good results speak for themselves and positive feedback & referrals from customers, barefoot trimmers, farriers, therapists and vets has been the driving force behind our growth since our formation in 2009. A huge thank you to all those who have recommended us to family, friends, clients and other horse owners.

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Prebiotic mash

A scientifically formulated, multiple prebiotic feed, including a patented fermented extract from Jerusalem Artichoke.

It supports the efficient functioning of the horse’s digestive system by supporting an optimal balance of beneficial gut microbes versus harmful species of gut bacteria.

Meadow Nuts

A complementary forage feed for horses.

The meadows which these nuts are produced from, consist primarily of traditional meadow grasses, including; Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cocksfoot, Golden Foxtail, Golden Oatgrass, Meadow Fescue, Red Fescue, Smooth Common Meadowgrass and Timothy.

Healthy Herbal Muesli

A high fibre forage based feed suitable as a carrier for Thunderbrook Base Mix, Daily Essentials or other Thunderbrook supplements. Also suitable as a forage

added.based feed and partial hay replacer.

Micronized Linseed Plus

Micronized Linseed Plus is fortified with natural source Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Calcium, and is high in omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids which support a healthy skin and shiny coat.

High in calories and oil, it is a suitable addition to the feed for horses of all ages and disciplines.

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