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“My rescue cob Luna has been fed Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Chaff for 2 ½ years and her coat is in the most amazing condition now and her hair and feather quality has improved along with her hooves (she is in full work and barefoot). In the winter months she has also had soaked HayCobs for a little extra. Both feeds smell so amazing I could eat them myself 😂”

~ Charlotte Brownings

“Lucky my 6yr old cob has been fed your feed for over a year now mainly because he is a good doer and doesn’t require high calorie feeds and supplements but also because he suffers with Mallanders where he is food sensitive to alfalfa, soya, oat feed, biotin and molasses.
His weight is stable and he’s a super happy boy with a lovely coat.”

~ Odette Davis

“Trooper has been on Thunderbrook for year and half, following Dr Carley’s guidance. He loves his feed and treats and has really thrived on it. He’s in great condition and most importantly his CPL (Chronic Progressive Lymphedema) is now under control. In fact he’s in great health, for 16 years young 🤗

~ Tracey Day

I have fed my horse Cedric on your feed for the last 4 years and wouldn’t ever feed anything else! His coat is like glass, he always looks super well and I love the fact I know exactly what’s in it. He is fed your Condition & Compete , Healthy Herbal Muesli and Healthy Herbal Chaff

~ Courtney Monks

“I have been using Thunderbrook feed for two years now and wouldn’t change. My horse went through upper respiratory tract surgery in October 2019 and I struggled for 6 months to keep any weight on him. He has and had various health issues over the years, but now at 18 he is looking and feeling great.”

~ Lisa Mason

Berty is my 22 year old  poor doer wpb  who has been on your feed for 2 years ( Healthy Herbal Chaff, Meadow Nuts and Synergy)  Berty hasn’t dropped a single bit of weight since being on your feed it’s like magic honestly! I wouldn’t use any other brand now. I never thought we’d be competing and here we are Berty is thriving.

~ Cait Lyon

This is Monty, he is a 17 year old Vanner Cob who lives with hyperkeratosis, mallanders and CPL. These chronic conditions benefit from a diet free from alfalfa, molasses or fillers.
Monty has been fed on Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal chaff and HayCobs for the past six months. During this time his mallanders and hyperkeratosis have noticeably reduced, and his coat is free from scurf.

~Olivia Warner

Banksy is in fantastic condition and is always receiving compliments on his shine and condition. He is fed on Synergy and Healthy Herbal Chaff. Not only does it keep him looking good, it keeps his tummy right and his head cool 🙂

~ Eirin Corbett

Here is a picture of Mia & Roger, two of my 4 horses fed on Thunderbrook Meadows Nuts, Healthy Herbal Chaff, and the Herbal Muesli.  I feed my 4 horses on Thunderbrook because it suits all the different needs of my horses. Thunderbrook is just a fabulous horse feed and we won’t be feeding anything else.  It really is suitable for big and small, in work and retired and all in between!

~ Jo Sanderson

“These are my 3 Andalusians,  they are all on Daily Essentials and Healthy Herbal Chaff. The 2 boys have been on this since they were yearlings, which has been absolutely essential for the development of healthy bones, teeth and feet. Without any unnecessary calories or cereals, they maintain a beautiful condition and muscular frame, without any fizziness and are super easy to work with. All 3 also have the most incredible shine – Thunderbrook’s really is a game changer.”

~ Ciaran O’Kene

I have been feeding my Arabian mare “Island Charity” Thunderbrook for a number of years now. More recently, at almost 30 years old, she has been having your Organic Fusion made into a warm mash which she absolutely loves! She has the Thunderbrook Meadow Nuts as her twice daily treat for taking her inhalers as she has chronic asthma. I chose Thunderbrook feeds for her as she has had a tough time before I took her on from a local rescue centre 13 years ago.

~ Nicky Smallman

Hemingway  is a spotted miniature Shetland pony. He is a rescue and suffers from mild laminitis. So not easy to find the right feed for him…but with Thunderbrook we got it now! He is on the Healthy Herbal Chaff with Daily Essentials and your herbal supplement Liver & Kidney Mix. He is full of energy and looking really good with shiny coat and strong hooves.

~ Samantha Gostner

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